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Custom student success products & programs, from the ground up.

We believe web-based college investment education is a crucial tool for student success. 

We provide financial literacy, student  loan debt education, labor market navigation, & student services education delivered with 24/7 support for students and staff.

Our stock workshop addresses four areas
critical to student success: Financial
literacy, student loan debt education,
labor market navigation, and student
services and support – and offers
strategic implementation planning,
“blended” learning options for online and
in-person learning, and activity-based
content for proven outcomes.


We also offer student engagement
incentives as part of implementation
strategy, because we understand that
participation increases when students are
provided with extra motivation to use
noncredit campus resources.


Major Smarts is "plug and play" ready,
making it easy for you to reach your
students effectively.

We reach students with custom financial literacy and student success programs consisting of our web-based workshop and one-of-a-kind implementation initiatives.

By providing students with measurable, accessible, diversely delivered education in these areas and the integrative understanding of college as an investment, we directly address areas key to retention and student success. Learn more >> 

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